Singing Waiters Ireland

are the most original and highly respected ensemble of professional Irish Singing Waiters featuring trained and experienced vocalists who deliver a stunning (pre)dinner surprise show of the highest standard of entertainment

Singing Waiters Ireland have an ability to change a simple dinner into a WOW Factor Extravaganza!.

They thrive on creating an unusual theatrical environment at Corporate Events and Weddings, often surprising guests with a role reversal from waiter to performer, from table to stage, singing solo or together. This dynamic atmosphere can be adapted to a small, intimate gathering or a larger corporate stage production with sound and costumes. They have the versatility to fit any theme.

Sophisticated and spontaneous, hilarious and highly polished, our Singing Waiters put two to three singing waiters undercover – right inside your function. The tightly-scripted yet hilarious show is designed to enhance your event, but never to interrupt it.

The key to the success of The Singing Waiters format is the element of surprise. The Singing Waiters spend the first part of the evening infiltrating your event disguised as real waiters, security and management. By behaving in a strange manner they create an air of uncertainty and suspense which will have your guests roaring with applause when they finally burst into song during the main course!

Singing Waiters Ireland are the oldest and original Irish Singing Waiters show – we guarantee Standing ovations leaving your guests cheering for more and in many cases is the one thing they’ll still be talking about years later. Unusual and unique the deliver that “wow “ factor your looking for, why ?
Because they are the best and we stand over that, make one call now and we can book your Opera and Fun Contemporary Singing Waiters of various styles and genres.

+353-1-201-3660 / – please never hesitate to get in contact with us, with any question you may have on how to book this fantastically original surprise act.